Cees van der Laarse (Amsterdam, 1956) has been a musician his whole life, playing bass (and also singing), who performed all over the world and took part of various music productions, for theatre, club venues, private events. He played together with artists like Jan Akkerman (see photo above, at Montreux Jazz Festival), Herman van Veen, Paul van Vliet, Ruud Janssen, Brainbox and many more. See here his discography for more details.



Once upon a day, he reinvents himself: transforming from the bassplayer into the frontman, who sings the works of Frank Sinatra. Cees embraces these nostalgic sounds in a nuanced and graceful way. His charisma and enthousiasm let’s him shine like a diamond, even when he cracks a few jokes! Here is a short impression of Cees singing. He performs solo and here you can contact Cees for booking inquiries.


photo by Tamara van der Laarse


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